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Baby Boomer Business Bust - Victim or Victor? »

If you are considering selling a $1,000,000 to $20,000,000 business within the next ten years, you will face unprecedented challenges. The United States is on the leading edge of a massive buyers-market for manufacturing, distribution and business services companies. If you saw the movie, it’s like the “Perfect Storm.” To understand and navigate what’s coming, read on.

How To Select An Intermediary »

If you're considering hiring an intermediary to help you buy or sell a middle market company, here are ten keys to selecting a good one. These tips are based on 20 years experience buying and selling my own companies with and without an intermediary, being an intermediary personally, and dealing with intermediaries on the “other side of the table” in transactions over the years.

There Are All Sorts Of Consultants…But Only One Kind That Makes You Money »

Three Unique Attributes of a Skilled Business Development Consultant Translate Directly into Increased Revenue and Profit for You.

Deal Guides - The Intermediary's Role »

Besides finding deals, just what exactly does an intermediary do, anyway?

Begin With The End In Mind - Exit Planning »

Steven Covey makes the point in his book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” that you need to begin with the end in mind. It’s certainly applicable in the context of business ownership. You need to have an exit strategy.

The Best Time To Sell »

“What’s the best time to sell my business?” Seems like a simple question. Yet it’s one of the most frequently asked by business owners. Raise it at a cocktail party and you’ll get a lot of opinions. Most sound something like:

Recapitalization Strategies »

Exit Through Recapitalization

Taking some of your chips off the table and continuing to play.

Negotiating Lessons From Big Whitewater »

"Negotiating" is one of those words that unfortunately has often come to be construed as meaning "figuring out how to get my way, no matter the cost." Tons of books have been written about negotiating, many of which focus on manipulative tactics or hard-nosed, hip-shooting techniques that you're supposed to use at the closing table. Most of this stuff is useless or detrimental.

Five Keys To Closing A Business Sale - On Optimum Terms »

For most business owners, selling a company they have built is a rare, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime, project. They are smart and they are skilled at running a business, but they are usually not practiced at selling a business. Consequently, transactions that are not carefully managed often fail.

Innovation vs. The Entrepreneurial Centrifuge »

As a business owner it's easy to get distracted. It's easy for your employees to get distracted as well. With limited time and resources, how do you prioritize your efforts and keep your team focused on activities that yield the highest return?

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"I initially approached Mike Sipe to evaluate a potential sale of my business. Since I had what I considered a 12-year old 'niche' technology business, I was unsure if there was a market for it or not. Mike readily accepted the challenge to sell my business and worked diligently to find a buyer that met my requirements for a sale. Through the inevitable ups and downs of the process, and the many surprises, Mike remained a level-headed influence on both myself and the potential buyers. He often provided simple solutions for what, at times, seemed like insurmountable issues. I would highly recommend Mike and Private Equities to anyone considering a sale of their business."
Mike Quigley,
Former President,
CoolTEC Incorporated