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Business Guides For Quality Middle Market Companies

For privately held companies with annual revenues from $1,000,000 to $50,000,000, CrossPointe provides an integrated suite of business advisory services at the defining junctions and in the six pivotal areas that determine your future.

  • Transactions – mergers, acquisitions, sales and strategic partnerships
  • Valuation – business appraisal, deal structure and marketability
  • Exit Planning – organizational design to facilitate successful transition of ownership
  • Finance – capital structure and financial engineering for profitability and value
  • Marketing – branding, competitive differentiation, and marketing communications to predictably drive revenues, profits and enterprise value
  • Innovation – creative strategies to open new business opportunities and assure long term business viability

Chances are good your company is facing some or all of these issues right now. If so, contact us for a confidential no-obligation discussion of your business objectives and an exploration of how we might help you reach them. Read "There are all kinds of consultants, but only one kind makes you money" in Business Briefs.

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"Please accept this photo to commemorate a very special day. To me the day reflects a new beginning as well as the close of a major chapter in our lives. I think of all the hard work you did and your consistent and faithful attitude to bring that day about. As I look in the rear view mirror of this past year, it is clear that God's hand was upon this transaction and the orchestration to its completion. I am not only grateful to Him for allowing us to be at this stage of our lives, but I am so pleased He brought you to us at a time when we needed a top-notch professional and gained a friend in the process. Once again Mike, Terri and I offer our deepest thanks and wish you and your family God's richest blessings in the years to come."

Daniel Pierson,
Pierson Precision, Inc.