Some Comments From Clients & Colleagues 

Client Comments

"The highest compliment we can give Michael Sipe and CrossPointe/Private Equities is at the personal level. We could elaborate on the ultimate skills Mike brings to the buying/selling process; the alacrity with which he understands the technical details of the business; the depth, accuracy and volume of presentation, both verbally and bound, which sets him apart from all others; the careful search and selection of buyers; the fearless interaction, even confrontation, with potential buyers whose motives or situations are questionable; the total understanding and presentation of the financial projections and conditions of the business; the development of a good and fair selling price; the ability to forge a solid alliance between buyer and seller... we could go on. Mike brings such a high degree of professional integrity, honesty and intense involvement that after all the cards have been played and the game is over, EVERYONE is a winner, and new friendships have been created."
Maynard Kuljian,
Neilsen-Kuljian, Inc.

“I initially approached Mike Sipe to evaluate a potential sale of my business. Since I had what I considered a 12-year old 'niche' technology business, I was unsure if there was a market for it or not. Mike readily accepted the challenge to sell my business and worked diligently to find a buyer that met my requirements for a sale. Through the inevitable ups and downs of the process, and the many surprises, Mike remained a level-headed influence on both myself and the potential buyers. He often provided simple solutions for what, at times, seemed like insurmountable issues. I would highly recommend Mike and Private Equities to anyone considering a sale of their business.”
Mike Quigley,
Former President,
CoolTEC Incorporated

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts (Herculean it seemed at times) in selling my business. I truly believe that without your help, knowledge and patience, I would not have been able to sell my business in such a timely and efficient manner. Feel free to use my name as a reference any time. I wish you all the continued success in your business and personal certainly deserve it!”
Donn J. Reinin,
Former President and Owner,
The Clear Choice

“I recently closed the sale of my company and I was privileged to have Michael Sipe as the broker for the transaction. His incredible network of people allowed him to introduce me to many potential buyers and to find the perfect person to take over my well-established and reputable company. I couldn't be happier with Mike's service and attention to detail. He made the entire process much less stressful than it could have been and he helped me through every step of the way. I highly recommend Mike and would be happy to talk with anyone considering using his services.”
Kathy Johnson,
Former President and Owner,
Mentor Training, Inc.

“I understand deals. As the past national president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, the owner of an internationally known business and a business attorney, I’ve been involved in well over 1,000 transactions in my career. With that background, you might wonder why my family and I have retained Michael Sipe and CrossPointe-Private Equities to advise and assist us in 4 recent transactions: two acquisitions and two divestitures. Private Equities has the ability to bring quality buyers and sellers to the table. Mike can get deals done quickly under optimum terms. He has a talent for working a deal through the inevitable bumps and bringing it to closure smoothly and amicably. One of the hidden benefits of his firm's comprehensive services, but perhaps one of the most important, is that by turning the transaction process over to them to manage, I can focus on running my business most effectively, with minimal distraction. At the end of the deal, my overall profit is higher, because I’ve been able to maximize my business performance, as well as complete a successful transaction quickly.”
Margaret A. Smith
Domus Contempo, Inc.

"As a buyout professional, I have worked with many intermediaries over the years. Our group worked with Mike Sipe during the successful buyout of a company whose seller Mike represented. My experience was that Mike brought just the right amount of experience, business acumen, and sensitivity to the table. He knows what is needed and when it is needed to get a deal done. When he speaks, all parties respect his input and problems are overcome. We won't hesitate to work with Mike again, and should we need someone to represent our group, Mike will get the nod."
Philip Gregory,
Catapult Investment Group

"Please accept this photo to commemorate a very special day. To me the day reflects a new beginning as well as the close of a major chapter in our lives. I think of all the hard work you did and your consistent and faithful attitude to bring that day about. As I look in the rear view mirror of this past year, it is clear that God's hand was upon this transaction and the orchestration to its completion. I am not only grateful to Him for allowing us to be at this stage of our lives, but I am so pleased He brought you to us at a time when we needed a top-notch professional and gained a friend in the process. Once again Mike, Terri and I offer our deepest thanks and wish you and your family God's richest blessings in the years to come."
Daniel Pierson,
Pierson Precision, Inc.

"For a number of years, my office has processed business sales for which Michael Sipe and CrossPointe-Private Equities have acted as intermediaries. We have found him unfailingly thorough, diligent, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with on a personal level. He skillfully and effectively represents his client's interest. He is positive and creative in finding solutions for the inevitable problems which occur, often unexpectedly, in business sales. I recommend Mike enthusiastically to any prospective buyer or seller of a business."
William H. Dunn,
Escrow Attorney

"As a CPA, who has worked with many clients on both mergers and acquisitions, I have met a number of 'business brokers' and I'm happy to report that Mike does not fall into that category. Due to his professional, creative and tenacious approach to completing each assignment, he has truly earned the title of 'mergers and acquisitions specialist'. Mike is the only person in this field that I feel comfortable referring to my clients."
Patrick J. D'Angelo,
Morris & D'Angelo

"Whenever I am considering a transaction, I bring in Mike. His ability to devise equitable, workable solutions to deal problems which inevitably come up, lends great momentum to the process. His transactional experience, professional ethics and competence, and his common sense, make him an essential member of my M&A team."
W. John Double,
WRBD, Inc.

"I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your efforts regarding the recent sale of our landscape business. I must admit that when you said in September 1998 that you could sell the business by Christmas, a time of just three months, I felt you were being a little optimistic! You not only brought us a full price offer within a month, but a close of January 2 just to fit into our tax plans!! To say we are impressed is an understatement! The professionalism of your group and the resources you mustered on our behalf helped make the whole process an example of why you are so successful in your chosen field. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to my friends and associates should they wish to take an early retirement as I have."
Paul Bridson, Former President and Owner
United Landscape Services, Inc.

"I have worked with Michael Sipe and the team at CrossPointe-Private Equities on many business acquisitions and dispositions. Their degree of professionalism and attention to detail is far above the level I have experienced with other firms. I think the real key, however, is Mike's ability to match compatible buyers and sellers and put together win-win deals that make sense."
Steven D. Olson,
Olson, Le & Company CPA

"Buying a business was a new experience for me. I knew I needed someone I could trust and who knew the path to a successful transition. I trusted Mike and I always felt that my interest was his highest concern. During an extended negotiation in a difficult transaction, Mike continued to remain objective and did not try to short circuit the process. Mike provided the skills and experience necessary to close the deal. Without his guidance and counsel, there is not a chance I would have been able to complete this transaction!"
Lee Holmes,
L&M Windows, Inc.

"I talked with many companies functioning as business intermediaries and found Private Equities to be far and away the most professional. No one else was in the same league. I worked with Michael Sipe to find a business to buy and successfully completed a purchase in 1993. Mike's help was invaluable in structuring the deal in a way that would work for both parties. He artfully crafted the purchase documents to take care of my concerns. In 1997, when I chose to sell, Mike came through with flying colors finding a buyer and structuring a transaction that took great care of me. When asked by other business owners for a recommendation in the M&A field, Michael Sipe at Private Equities is the only name I give."
William A. Nichols, Former President and Owner,
Cities West Custom Presentation Packaging, Inc.

"Mike represented the seller in a $3,000,000 company I bought a few years ago. Although the purchase was a financial stretch for me, I have several times marveled at how Mike arrived at what has proven to be a very appropriate price for the firm. Mike's grasp of the financial, legal and procedural processes were impressive. Buying and selling companies is both a logical and emotional process. Mike's level head and political skills can bring focus on the former and ease the latter."
Larry Hammons, President,
Rational Technology, Inc.

"Mike Sipe and Private Equities have provided me with marketing services in settings of both purchasing and selling my business, far beyond my right of expectation. I outlined my concerns and criteria for consummating a deal. He then familiarized thoroughly and discreetly with the business, structured an acceptable strategy and executed with amazing proficiency. Mike has exceptional and extremely valuable skill in marketing and negotiating the purchase and/or sale of a business. He has in-depth knowledge of legal procedure and compliance, he is adept in appropriate accounting practices, and above all, he is a master at facilitating the many complex intricacies of the deal. After watching and working with Mike and his highly professional team at Private Equities in both the purchase and sale of my business, I am convinced there is no individual or organization, existing, that could provide a more effective and professional service value."
Arnold Colonna

"As a merger and acquisition attorney, I know that in order to properly serve clients a business intermediary must have a wide variety of skills including knowledge of the accounting, legal, tax, deal making, and psychological issues involved in a transaction. The intermediary must be proactive, an excellent communicator and able to work well with his client's lawyers and accountants. Michael Sipe excels in all these areas and I give him the highest recommendation!"
James C. Chapman,
Silicon Valley Partner, Foley & Larder, LLP

"Even our initially skeptical attorneys and accountants thought the package Mike prepared was excellent and the structuring of the deal he worked out was very fair. The entire transaction was such a smooth and pleasurable experience that we look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future."
Ralph Buchanan,
Corporate Facilities Resources, Inc.

"I will remain obligated to Mike Sipe forever for his assistance in selling my company. It took time and perseverance and Mike never wavered. He brought ideas to the table that made me money I did not expect. I will definitely use him again!"
Michael Lansdale, President,
Metamorphosis Hydroseeding, Inc.

"In my regular work in mergers and acquisitions, I have too frequently found the standard 'business broker' to be an impediment rather than a facilitator. Michael Sipe is a singular and outstanding exception. I would recommend him to anyone needing professional assistance in the mergers and acquisitions area."
Tom Skornia, Esq.,
The Skornia Law Firm

"After spending close to one half year searching to purchase a service oriented business I was introduced to Michael Sipe by a mutual acquaintance. Mike spent our first meeting clarifying my thinking to define and determine a course for our acquisition. The presentation of a clear detailed professional business prospectus was the foundation for the purchase of a three million dollar a year service company. I was extremely impressed by the way Mike handled every detail of the transaction up to and including the close. Both the seller and myself still comment on what an outstanding job Mike did on both our behaves. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the role the people of Private Equities played."
Jim Nicholson, President,
Dinsmore Landscape Company

"Having arranged financing on numerous business acquisitions over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to work with Michael Sipe and Private Equities on a number of transactions. As an intermediary, Mike is undeniably among the elite in his field. Private Equities' marketing packages are detailed, meticulously prepared and well presented, with an emphasis on confidentiality and ethics. Buyers and Sellers are carefully matched to optimize success. Furthermore, Mike possesses an innate ability to interface effectively with all parties involved in a transaction, including buyer and seller and their respective attorneys, CPAs, bankers, vendors, creditors, landlords, boards of directors, insurance agents, etc. His capacity to communicate clearly and to skillfully coordinate the process helps to facilitate a smooth close to each transaction.
Ray M. Crabb,
Business Development Officer
Wachovia Small Business Capital

"Ours was a small school textbook publishing company with sales at the low end of the range CrossPointe-Private Equities normally works with. Nevertheless, Mike Sipe gave us full and professional support that led to a quick and satisfactory conclusion. Mike was especially strong, first at putting together an imaginative deal that worked for us, and then at negotiating energetically, positively, and successfully with the buyers."
Arthur Luehrmann, Partner,
Computer Literacy Press

"I believe that integrity, know-how and care are three critical elements in evaluating a professional services provider. My personal experience with Michael Sipe on two separate transactions, one buy-side and one sell-side, have convinced me that these qualities are well represented at CrossPointe."
Owen Murphy, President,
ODM, Inc.

"Selling the business I founded and nurtured for five years was an experience I anticipated with concern, apprehension and mixed emotion. Being the quintessential professional he is, Mike Sipe and CrossPointe made the process "a walk in the park!" I recommend him without reservation."
James V. Testa, Principal,
James V. Testa and Associates

"Selling a business which I had built from the ground up was a daunting task. Mike Sipe was no nonsense, very inquisitive and created excellent marketing materials. The result was a qualified buyer immediately."
Allen Dinsmore, President,
Alpine Landscapes

"Michael Sipe is a true professional with a unique ability to understand the issues and provide objective and reasonable solutions which result in resolution and closing with both sides feeling they were not the loser."
Brad Bosomworth, Esq.,
Sweeney, Mason, Wilson and Bosomworth

"Many of my clients are entrepreneurs who operate in very competitive environments. For these entrepreneurs, their company is often the most significant portion of their personal and family net worth. As such, the sale of their business interest is incredibly significant. Discretion and confidentiality are imperative. At times, these transactions can be complex and optimizing the after tax net return to the business owner is critical. The outstanding team at CrossPointe understands these issues and has worked diligently to optimize their results and has proven themselves time and again. Further, they have worked well with all of the client advisory team to optimize results. I recommend CrossPointe-Private Equities as a mergers and acquisitions specialist without reservation."
Steven M. Stratton, LUTCF
Capital Planning Partners, LLC

"Michael Sipe and CrossPointe-Private Equities bring total clarity to the murky field of private company buying and selling. Working with Mike gave me the confidence that any deal I did would be fair and had the highest probability of success, and I was right. I believe Mike when he says he will not put any deal together that can't be successful for all parties involved. Mike knows how to get to the heart of the issues involved and is extremely effective at pushing when he needs to and backing off when appropriate; all the while keeping both the buyer's and seller's goals in mind. He is a true professional and I look forward to working with him again."
Tom Crotty,
CTE Computer Training Centers, Inc.

"Private Equities came highly recommended. Our expectations were high. Mike Sipe's performance exceeded those expectations. Buyers were pre-qualified before we met them. Our daily routine was continued while Mike took care of the sale. His negotiating skills, attention to detail and a great set of contract documents allowed us to glide through potential problem areas. There are people in the business of buying and selling and there are people who know the business. Mike knows the business."
Mike Toffel, former President,
Action Computer & Surplus Liquidators, Inc.

"Mike worked with me on the purchase of my first company in late 1997. I did not know exactly what kind of company I wanted to own. Mike took the time to work with me, assess my needs and give careful consideration to my financial constraints. I bought a company within four months of our initial contact. His reasoning skills, connections, and ability to prepare documentation are all very impressive. He can skillfully work with both buyer and seller in a transaction. I will use him again in my next transaction."
Michael Whitehead,
Cities West Custom Presentation Packaging Inc.

"I believe this letter is in order to commend you for the outstanding job of selling my company, Applied Anodize. I only wish I had met you a couple of years sooner so the company could have possibly been sold at a higher price with higher sales in a better local economy, however, you did an excellent job of getting the closing price under the present economic conditions. I will always recommend your services to anyone whom I hear that wants to sell or buy a business, because you're good at what you do."

Dennis Duerre, Former Owner,
Applied Anodize Inc.

"I wanted to send this letter to you to thank you for the terrific job you did brokering the sale of my business in San Jose. As you know, I was somewhat reluctant to even proceed with the sale at first, not only because I didn't want to let go of a company I had struggled for so long to build, but because of my concern over the amount of effort that I thought I would need to invest in the selling process. You, however, made that process "painless" to say the least. Before I knew it you had lined up three highly qualified interested parties and the process had simply become one of picking the right buyer. It couldn't have been made any easier. You were honest, professional and you got the job done in an amazingly short time for more money than I had bargained for. I most definitely will recommend you and your company to others."
Peter Monaghan, President,
RSVP Publications

"As a business buyer, the task of finding a suitable company, determining a fair price, and actually closing the deal was very daunting to me. Michael Sipe not only excelled at these things, but also helped me find a CPA, an attorney and a bank suited to my commercial needs. Mike took the time to really understand the skills I possessed and the kinds of businesses that would be interesting to me. He also assessed the compatibility of my personality with that of the sellers to ensure that the negotiations and transition would be as smooth as possible. Having access to his experience, business acumen and candor made me a lot more comfortable with the deal process, and he continues to be a resource to me after closing. Throughout the process, he earned my absolute trust and respect. I would highly recommend him to any potential buyers."
Keith McKay, President,
Penates, Inc.

"I have worked with Michael Sipe and CrossPointe on a number of projects. I have always admired his incredible focus and the smart and thorough attention he gives to client detail. He never compromises when representing buyers and sellers. Above all else, I am impressed with his ethical perspective in every transaction and the commitment he makes to protecting client confidentiality and anonymity. I highly recommend Michael Sipe and CrossPointe to anyone seeking to buy or sell a middle market company."
Sally Pera,
Public Relations Consultant

"After taking a long sabbatical and doing a lot of fishing, I felt it was time for me to let you know how much we appreciate your effort in selling our manufacturing company. We were impressed with the entire process. Your pre-screening of buyers definitely saved us time and minimized any impact upon our operations. The contract and due diligence period went very smoothly. You made sure you had the right information and were able to fully explain both the company's operation and financial statements to the buyer. Your approach made it easy for us. The result was we sold the company to the third potential buyer who inspected our facilities. Thanks to your comprehensive analysis of our company, your suggested asking price was definitely higher than we had anticipated. Better yet, the final selling price was within 1% of the asking price. There is no doubt in my mind the sale of our business was professionally handled throughout the entire process and we are very grateful for your help."
Douglas C. Bui, President,
Closet Dimensions, Inc.

"I do want to thank you for all the time and work you put into selling REO Company. I knew after I had done my extensive research on business intermediaries that I had chosen the right person, the best person, the coolest person. Your calm, business-like demeanor was needed to make this sale possible, especially with a volatile buyer and seller. Should I ever want to buy or sell a business again, or should I have the opportunity to recommend an intermediary, you can be sure that I will suggest you. Gail and I send our best regards."
Richard E. Orgell, Retired CEO,
REO Company

"I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with CrossPointe - Private Equities in regards to finding a business to buy. I am amazed that, in such a relatively short period of time, I am the owner of a new and exciting business with a tremendous amount of potential. When we first met, I was somewhat unsure about the type of business I was looking for. My previous expertise had been in the transportation and recycling industries. Unfortunately, after twelve years of doing that type of work, I was burned out and simply did not want to pursue companies in that arena. The truth is, I was somewhat uncomfortable looking at businesses I knew nothing about. However, working with you and your company exposed me to a wide range of opportunities which I had never considered before. While evaluating the pros and cons of each company, your guidance made me realize that I did have the ability to transfer my expertise to a different industry. You told me that this business search would take me in a new direction. I never would have guessed that I would be building wine storage cabinets and air conditioning units for wine cellars. This business has offered me an exciting new challenge with tremendous opportunity. I don't believe I would have been exposed to this business without working with a knowledgeable professional like you. You were instrumental in helping my team focus in on the company and negotiate a very fair and equitable deal which has left both parties with the feeling that the deal was handled to everyone's satisfaction. Thank you for making my business search an educational and rewarding experience."
Thomas Schneider, President,
Vinotheque Wine Cellars

"I have an immense amount of gratitude for having been introduced to you and your company, and for the privilege of your guidance in one of the most important transactions of our lives.

There were obvious challenges in marketing and selling our business, as well as our need to secure the "right buyer" who would fit in with the same unique philosophy and personality of our business.

You and your staff helped us meet those challenges with graceful efficiency. You really listened to our needs, explained the process, helped us tell our story in the best way possible, and guided us gently every step of the way. Using your vast experience, you acted as a true partner, consulting with us in a very dynamic and strategic way, which proved to be the right move every time we listened. And in spite of the normal fear that goes along with this process, your calm reassuring guidance put all of us at ease because we knew we were working with someone who knew how to navigate these waters and who truly cared.

It has been refreshing to work with such a talented and professional group of people. Many thanks to you, Mike Robison and Vicki (Johnson) for your unending devotion and support."
Tim Davis, Founder,
Print Network, Inc.

"Thank you very much for all your hard work and effort on our behalf - and heaven knows it wasn't easy! Wow, it's hard to believe it actually happened. I couldn't wait for Alex to go wine shopping for you (even though he wanted to) so I've gone to raid our modest cellar to share with you some "fun" wines we enjoy frequently. One for every month of your time with us. Thank you and your family for sharing your precious time on this earth with us! We have appreciated you immensely! Anytime, anywhere use us as a referral."
Elsbeth and Alex Ziegler,
VBS Industries

"We gave the CrossPointe-Private Equities team a very tough assignment. Based on a specific purchase criteria and business model, we needed to find a profitable business in a down economic cycle, applying a creative financing approach that included significant seller participation. Private Equities found the right company for us and was also able to design a change to the deal structure at the eleventh hour to match available financing, and bring the transaction to a positive close for all parties."
David Butler, President,
DAX Holdings, Inc.

"Our deal closed several weeks ago now and we want to express our appreciation for the manner of your representation. When Pat and I first met you, I had some concern that your approach might be too easy and laid back to achieve the results we sought. We read some of your testimonials to get others impressions, not really believing that I would be writing to commend you several months later. Well I am and our recommendations of you and your services for anyone contemplating a sale of their business is without any hesitation or reserve. Your frankness, persistence, hard work and diligence paid off for my client. I respect your knowledge and abilities dealing with people. I commend you on your devotion to the cause. Your marketing methods are excellent, professional and put forth a presentation of the Company that generated interest from qualified potential buyers. I am confident that had we selected any of the other brokers we interviewed, the results achieved would not have been as successful and I am not confident we would have made a deal. You have our thanks and backing for the asking, because you proved yourself by results. We miss the daily emails and communication that became part of the process as you led us through the negotiation maze. You are a good person, a professional and competent businessman, a pleasure to work with, and we are thankful our paths came together for the benefit of my client and the successful attainment of our goal. Thank you."
Patricia D. Masciana, Former President and Owner
Acroscope, Inc.

Joe Winchell, CPA
Acroscope, Inc.

"I have worked with over a dozen business brokers in the Bay Area over the past three years. Not only do all of these brokers know Michael Sipe, but all of them hold him in the highest regard. To my knowledge Mike is the most respected business broker in the Bay Area, which is why I've purchased two companies through far."
Kevin Martin
Mentor Training

"CrossPoint-Private Equities helped achieve my objective of making a major career change and become a successful, independent business owner. The process that Michael Sipe and Jak Van Nada used to profile my interests, skills and investment/risk capacity was an outstanding start to the effort. When they did present deal opportunities to me, they fit me well. When we finally decided to go forward with the deal that became my company, they were thorough, fair to both parties, helpful in getting through various bumps in the road, and able to keep things in perspective. I am a marketing and operating guy, as were the sellers. Neither side was experienced doing deals. Thanks to Private Equities, a deal that worked for both buyer and seller was identified, negotiated and closed-their deal making skills make them great at what they do."
Paul A. Losch

"At Ireland San Filippo, we focus on providing services to entrepreneurs and their businesses. We are continually involved in helping people acquire or sell their companies.  Having team members that understand the intricacies of putting people and transactions together is vital to the success of any business.  Our experience with CrossPointe-Private Equities has made it clear that they are a forward thinking company that consistently and competently employs these skills for their clients. They have a genuine ability for making excellent matches and the skill to cultivate that critical relationship of trust between buyer and seller, while designing and negotiating solid, enduring transactions."

Robert Lee, CPA
Managing Partner
Ireland San Filippo, LLP


Denise Dollard, CFO

Our office has recently had the great experience of working with Shirley Fox in preparation and facilitation of an all firm retreat for our office.

Shirley's preparation, presentation and assistance in organizing and facilitating this retreat were very insightful, helpful, energizing and unanimously praised by the members of our firm. Shirley has the ability to meet with people, determine the needs of individuals and also the needs of the group in order to facilitate a presentation that is well structured, informational and personalized as well as group-driven in order to encourage buy-in from all participants by involving them in activities and concepts that each individual can participate in to achieve a common goal. Our one-day retreat was filled with thought-provoking ideas and concepts that she is continuing to assist us in establishing, achieving and ultimately maintaining in order to grow our firm and create a cohesive working environment.

Our firm is very appreciative of Shirley's heart-felt, personalized, well organized and helpful facilitation of our retreat. We look forward to working with her in the future to achieve the goals set in the retreat and to assist us in the future development of our firm.

David H. Leonard 

Churchill Leonard, Lawyers


Shirley Fox is a quintessential professional who specializes in helping organizations navigate successfully through both large and small change initiatives.  I became very familiar with Shirley’s work during the merger/acquisition mania in the financial services industry in the late 1990’s.  She served as a facilitator and mentor in understanding my own challenge with the myriad of changes as well as managing my teams through the process. 

Shirley’s approach to working with teams effectively balances the big picture and organizational objectives with the needs of the individual team members.  She focuses on a leader’s need to be nimble and quickly respond to market changes as well as lead others through the integration of those changes.  From understanding how humans react and process change to developing communication plans for a smooth transition, Shirley helps organizations mitigate challenges and optimize opportunities.  She is an invaluable thinking partner and wonderful colleague.

Denise Dollard

CFO, Business Insights, Inc. 

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